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131+ Inspiring Wrestling Quotes | Quotes On Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the Oldest sport in the world. It includes both Physical and Mental Power. In Wrestling one breaks the comfort Zone Many times. There are Many Wrestling Quotes In this blog which Will Motivate You To Break Your Comfort Zone. Wrestling is also one of the best Entertainment Industry In Today World.

So Today We Have Brought the Best Collection Of Wrestling Quotes And Quotes On Wrestling. This Collection Contains Various Types Of Quotes Like The Rock Wrestling Quotes, Pro Wrestling Quotes, Girl Wrestling Quotes, Wrestling Quotes W.W.E , Famous Wrestling Quotes, Funny Wrestling Quotes, Best Wrestling Quotes Etc. Also, Share These With Your Friends and Motivate Them with these quotes.

Wrestling Quotes

Wrestling Quotes

Anyone who never fails

is someone who never tries!

The harder you work;

the luckier you get!

Take pride in how far You Have come;

have faith in how far You will go!

Potential is interesting!

Performance is everything!

The biggest risk in life

is not taking one!

Sometimes you win;

sometimes you learn!

The world is full of educated derelicts!

If you are afraid Had to fail;

you will never succeed!

Confidence comes from being prepared!

Sports do not build character!

They reveal it!

I will either find a way or make one!

Quotes On Wrestling

Quotes On Wrestling

Victory happens when ten thousand hours of training

meets one moment of opportunity!

Mediocrity is as close

to the bottom as it is to the top!

Being defeated is only a temporary condition;

Giving up is what makes it permanent!

Blood; sweat and respect!

The first two you give!

The last you earn Give it! Earn it!

Everything I do is to become better;

the best ever and I Am not going to stop!

The Best There Is the Best

There Was and the Best There Ever Will Be!

I Am the Best in the World at What I Do!

Figure out how to climb it;

go through it; or work around it!

Success starts with believing in yourself!

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!

Success is not measured; it is earned!

Wrestling Quotes In English With Images

Wrestling Quotes In English With Images

Wrestling will be around forever!

It Is been around thousands of years!

It Is going to be around till the end of time!

Failure is part of success;

but failure will never stand in the

way of success if you learn from it!

The reward is not

as good without the struggle!

Champions are people

who get up when they cant!

There are no losers in wrestling;

only winners and learners!

We Do not rebuild; we reload!

I am not the biggest; I am not the strongest;

but I am damn sure the toughest!

there is no elevator to success!

You will have to take the stairs

I breath wrestling! It Is in my blood!

I have kind of a confidence when I walk!

If your goal is not to be on top;

then you Do not deserve to be here !

When the day comes when you

Do not believe in yourself;

there is the door! Get the hell out!

Quotes On Wrestling In English With Images

Quotes On Wrestling In English With Images

Wrestling teaches you nothing comes easy!

Nothing in life comes easy; so you have to work at it!

Wrestling and acting could not be any more

different in terms of what it takes to entertain!

Wrestling is explosion; acting is implosion!

One really screws up the other!

I swear it upon Zeus an

outstanding runner cannot be

the equal of an average wrestler!

This is a sport that has turned many boys

into men and many men into leaders!

And it is a sport in which you can be a

giant regardless of how big you are!

Follow your dreams and work hard!

There is no replacement for hard work;

and that is true for any field! If you work hard at it;

You Are going to see the fruits of your labor; I guarantee it!

I think that if you go through life

and no one hates you;

then that means You Are not good at anything!

If you want to fly with the eagles

you Cannot hang out with the crows!

Learning from the best;

you will eventually become the best

if you have the talent already;

if you have that potential!

There is no shame in going out

fighting and getting your ass kicked;

but there is no honor in not fighting at all!

Wrestling needs to be about the art form again!

It needs to be about painting a picture

and having a really good match!

No activity I know is more of a

confidence builder and at the same time

more humility training than wrestling!

The Rock Wrestling Quotes

The Rock Wrestling Quotes

You cant build a reputation

on what you could have done!

The difference between a successful person

and others is not a lack of strength;

not a lack of knowledge; but rather a lack of will!

Success is the good fortune that comes from

aspiration; desperation; perspiration; and inspiration!

To be a great champion you must believe

you are the best! If you are not; pretend you are!

The only things that matters in wrestling

are your teeth and your testicles!

Anything else; keep wrestling; stop whining!

As for my own fitness; with my packed schedule;

I try to mix it up with different things every day!

That includes power – lifting; yoga; sprint; jogging;

and of course; wrestling! I Have learned that all you need to do

is move and do different things to challenge yourself!

When I was 4 or 5 ; I had an older brother

who got paralyzed from the neck down in junior high school!

Sometime Had a wrestling fall on him and hit his spine!

We had to take care of him!

I went from being the baby to not really being the baby anymore!

In wrestling; my mustache made me

look more like a villain!

A good mustache can give you

the look of the devil!

More enduring than any other *sport;

wrestling teaches *self control* and *pride!

Some have wrestled without great skill 

none have wrestled without *pride!

Art and nature shall always be wrestling*

until they eventually *conquer* one another

so that the victory is the same stroke and line

that which is conquered; conquers at the same time!

More enduringly than any other sport wrestling*

teaches self-control and pride!

Some have wrestled without great skill!

Pro Wrestling Quotes

Pro Wrestling Quotes

Everything you want is

on the other side of fear!

If you can wrestle but not play JiuJitsu

or you can play JiuJitsu but not wrestle;

you are not a complete grappler and

lack the sufficient skills to safely subdue an opponent!

Grappling with fate is like meeting an expert wrestler

: to escape; you have to accept the fall when you are thrown!

The only thing that counts is whether you get back up!

What I loved about wrestling was just being foolish;

so I studied clown! I studied clown!

I studied the art of clown!

I actually  Had my thesis on clown!

We have a very physical performance art!

A lot of times; when you want to achieve a certain emotion

; you have to use professional wrestling ingredients;

which are moves or a sequence of moves!

Hopefully I can become the

Babe Ruth of the World Wrestling Federation

and be the champion at the same time!

Wrestling and sports entertainment is not about the moves;

it really Is Not It Is about being able

to evoke emotion in one facet or another!

I Had not come from wrestling; and I never wrestled outside of W.W.E.

So I Am kind of a homegrown talent!

I learned everything from the performance center and NEXT!

Anybody can win the matches you can dominate;

but It Is the tough matches that are

going to make the difference!

A lot of my intensity in wrestling was

due to my mental preparation before the matches!

I got myself into a different world!

Everyone has the fire;

but the champions know when to ignite the spark!


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