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137+ [Inspirational] Swimming Quotes | Quotes About Swimming

Hello, Friends Are You Looking For some Swimming Quotes to inspire you for swimming and Hard Work. You can also develop a insane mindset in swimming. So Today We Have Brought the Best Collection Of Quotes About Swimming. This Collection Contains Various Types Of Quotes Like Swimming Pool Quotes, Swimming Team Quotes, Funny Swimming Pool Quotes, Swimming Quotes Inspirational, Cute Swimming quotes, Motivational Swimming Quotes Etc. Also, Share These With Your Friends and Motivate them.

Swimming Quotes

Swimming Quotes

If You Are going through hell;

keep going!

Swimming is my passion

and something that I love!

Swimming is normal for me!

I Am relaxed! I Am comfortable

and I know my surroundings! It Is my home!

I have often wanted to drown my troubles;

but I cannot get my wife to go swimming!

Swimming is not everything; winning is!

Swimming gives me

immense satisfaction!

I won’t predict anything historic!

But nothing is impossible!

While I Am swimming;

I sing songs in my mind!

No man drowns if he

perseveres in praying to God and can swim!

The body does what the mind prefers!

I concentrate on preparing to swim

my race and let the other swimmers think about me;

not me about them!

Quotes About Swimming

Quotes About Swimming

As long as I Am enjoying swimming;

I will keep swimming!

I usually go to the

swimming pool if I want to swim!

I love to exercise outside in the fresh air and sun:

hiking; swimming; standup

paddle boarding; and jogging!

I love being outdoors 

hiking; biking; and swimming!

Sunday morning is time to slob around

and perhaps go swimming!

A book is kind of like a river;

I simply jump in and start swimming!

Do not fear mistakes!

You will know failure!

Continue to reach out!

When the earth floods from global warming;

the swimmers will rule the world!

I want people to see the passion

I have for swimming and

become more involved in the sport!

Live in the sunshine;

swim the sea; drink the wild air!

With so many people saying

it could not be done;

all it takes is an imagination!

Swimming Quotes In English

Swimming Quotes In English

It Is not whether you get knocked down!

It Is whether you get back up!

Summer is a great time to visit art museums;

which offer the refreshing rinse of swimming pools

only instead of cool water; you immerse yourself in art!

Most of us; swimming against the tides of trouble

the world knows nothing about;

need only a bit of praise or encouragement

and we will make the goal!

Swimming has its educational value 

mental; moral; and physical 

in giving you a sense of mastery over an element;

and of power of saving life;

and in the development of wind and limb!

Tonight was not about winning;

it was about focusing on myself and

what I was aiming to do!

It Is the reason why I was able to swim so well!

On matters of style; swim with the current;

on matters of principle; stand like a rock!

I cannot really do the running on hard ground that I used to do!

Instead; I go swimming as often as possible

Believe in yourself; not only in swimming but in life itself!

You always have to have fun! You have to have an open mind!

If You Are not enjoying it; Do not do it! Life’s too short!

I would not say anything is impossible!

I think that everything is possible as long as you

put your mind to it and put the work and time into it!

People ask me what was going through

your mind in the race and

I Do not know!

I try and let my body do what it knows!

Swimming and athletics are the big gigs at the Olympic games!

Cycling and rowing are pretty big for Britain;

but globally; the two big things are athletics and swimming!

I Have enjoyed training again;

I Have enjoyed pushing myself in the pool and

I Will keep on swimming until

I feel I cannot get any more out of myself!

Quotes About Swimming In English

Quotes About Swimming In English

Win if you can; lose if you must;

but never quit!

Actually; I always dreamed about getting a gold medal

in the 100-meter freestyle in Olympic swimming!

I always thought that would be the epic award in sports to get!

I Have always been more comfortable

sinking while clutching a good theory

than swimming with an ugly fact!

So I rang up my local swimming baths!

I said Is that the local swimming baths

He said It depends where you are calling from!

Competing at the highest level is not about winning!

It Is about preparation; courage; understanding

and nurturing your people; and heart! Winning is the result!

No matter how much you’ve won; no matter how many games;

no matter how many championships; no matter how many Super Bowls;

you are not winning now; so you stink!

For me; winning isn’t something that happens suddenly

on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar!

Winning is something that builds physically and

mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream!

I never did say that you cannot be a nice guy and win!

I said that if I was playing third base and

my mother rounded third with the winning run; I’d trip her up!

Winning is not a sometime thing; It Is an all time thing!

You Do not win once in a while; you Do not do things right once in a while;

you do them right all the time! Winning is habit! Unfortunately; so is losing!

I try to apply the organic concept

to my clothes and bedding as well!

There is nothing like swimming in organic cotton sheets!

I have been able to buy a house with a swimming pool

and everything we do now is completely transformed

compared to what it was like when I was an electrician!

Latest Swimming Quotes Images

Latest Swimming Quotes Images

Excellence is the gradual result

of always striving to do better!

Never give up! Failure and rejection

are the first steps to succeeding!

What to do with a mistake

Recognize it Learn from it Forget about it!

Excellence is the gradual result

of always striving to do better!

Make each day your masterpiece!

You have to expect things

from yourself before you can do them!

A champion needs a

motivation above and beyond winning!

Winning isn’t everything;

but it beats anything that comes in second !

I hated every minute of training; but I said; Do not quit!

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!

The key is not the will to win everybody has that!

It is the will to prepare to win that is important!

Winning is the most important thing in my life;

after breathing! Breathing first; winning next!

Latest Quotes About Swimming

Latest Quotes About Swimming

I Am just a simple guy

swimming in a sea of sharks!

Excellence is the gradual result

of always striving to do better!

The only difference between

try and and triumph is a little umph!

Work hard in silence!

Let your success make the noise!

Every day I want to be a winner!

I want to train my best; I want to work my best!

I am beyond blessed and humbled

to be named the Paul Hornung Award winner!

At the end of the day

It Is better to be an

unpleasant winner than a nice loser!

If you do not see yourself as a winner;

then you cannot perform as a winner!

You were born to win; but to be a winner;

you must plan to win; prepare to win; and expect to win!

Just because it is not

happening at this moment;

Does not mean it never will!

No matter how slow you go;

you are still lapping everybody on the couch!


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