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151+ Most Beautiful Mirror Quotes | Quotes for Mirror Selfies

Looking In The Mirror Quotes

Looking In The Mirror Quotes

Mirrors Do not lie!

They only show a part of truth!

Our environment; the world in which we live and work;

is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations!

A mans manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait!

Every man carries with him through life a mirror;

as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow!

Mirrors are ice which do not melt

what melts are those who admire themselves in them!

The mirror reflects all objects without being sullied!

Mirror should think longer before they reflect!

The girl in the mirror was not who I wanted to be

and her life was not the one I wanted to have!

The inventor of the mirror

poisoned the human heart!

Who sees the human face

correctly the photographer;

the mirror; or the painter

If art reflects life;

it does so with special mirrors!

Mirror Reflection Quotes In English Language

Mirror Reflection Quotes In English Language

If you cannot see anything beautiful

about yourself; get a better mirror!

There comes a time when you look into the mirror

and you realize that what you see is

all that you will ever be! Or you stop looking in mirrors!

The moment the mirror does not recognize us anymore;

the cards are no longer in our hands! In effect;

we have failed to see to the bottom line of our life story and lost our identity!

People think that good and bad are opposites

but they are wrong; they are just

mirror images of one another in broken glass!

For I do not exist there exist

but the thousands of mirrors that reflect me!

With every acquaintance I make;

the population of phantoms resembling me increases!

It is our very search; our lust for the miraculous and magical;

that hides from us the truth that simply to be;

simply to know I am; is already the miracle that we seek!

Everything; as it is; is perfect;

but you must stop seeing it as if in a mirror; as if in a dream!

When I go home every night; I can look in the mirror

and say I have given 110 per cent for Newcastle United!

If people are not happy with that; I cant give any more!

Comedy is a reflection! We create nothing!

We set no styles; no standards! Were reflections!

It Is a distorted mirror in the fun house! We watch society!

As society behaves; then we have the ability to make fun of it!

Learn to see that it is not things that bother us;

that we go out to bother them!

See the world as a mirror!

It is all a reflection of the mind!

When you know this; you can grow in every moment;

and every experience reveals truth and brings understanding!

The practice mirror is to be used

for the correction of faults; not for a love affair;

and the figure you watch

should not become your dearest friend!

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know

his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth

until it has been reflected back to him

in the mirror of another loving; caring human being!

Latest Quotes for Mirror Selfies In English Language

Latest Quotes for Mirror Selfies In English Language

Some days I think I look kind of cute;

but other days I try to avoid the mirror!

Nobody really knows what they look like!

The mirror shows you only what you want to see!

I am locked into the mirror and there is no door out!

The world is a mirror;

an imaging of Loves perfection!

If you are irritated by every rub;

how will your mirror be polished!

The one who has a good friend

does not need any mirror!

That meek darkness be thy mirror;

and thy whole remembrance!

Maturity is when all of your mirrors turn into windows!

Everything in your life; every experience;

every relationship is a mirror of the mental pattern

that is going on inside of you!

We are our memory;

we are that chimerical museum of shifting shapes; t

hat pile of broken mirrors!

Mirrors are there when we are and

yet they never give anything back to us but our own image!

Never; never shall we know what they are

when they are alone or what is behind them!

Quotes for Mirror Selfies

Quotes for Mirror Selfies

A mirror reflects what you see; and

a black mirror shows the dark side of it!

Leadership is an intense journey into yourself!

You can use your own style to get anything done!

It Is about being self-aware! Every morning;

I look in the mirror and say;

I could have done three things better yesterday!

Looking in the mirror to check

if my tie is straight is a waste of my time!

I only look in the mirror once a day;

and thats in the morning when I shave!

If you wanted to show a mirror to people that says;

You have been drunk on money; they have not going to want to see it!

But if you reflected that mirror on another time they had be willing to!

People will need an explanation of where we are and where we have been;

and The Great Gatsby can provide that explanation!

I have plenty of good people around me

I can talk to and for me It Is the man in the mirror

that gives the answers if I have hard times or if I doubt!

You see a person when you look in the mirror

that no one sees but you!

Other people see a person when they look at you;

but you are not that person; either!

We have fallen in love with the body!

That is that thing that looks back at us from the mirror!

That is the repository of that lovely identity

that you keep chasing all your life!

If you can become a mirror you have become a meditator!

Meditation is nothing but skill in mirroring!

And now; no word moves inside you so there is no distraction!

The mind of a painter should be like a mirror

which is filled with as many images

as there are things placed before him!

Rumi ; who is one of the greatest Persian poets;

said that the truth was a mirror in the hands of God!

It fell; and broke into pieces! Everybody took a piece of it;

and they looked at it and thought they had the truth!

If you have stacked on the weight over time;

and if you do not have any health issues; you do not realise!

So you will see yourself in the mirror and; yes; you know what the scales say;

but you do not actually see what other people see!

Rear View Quotes for Mirror Selfies

Rear View Quotes for Mirror Selfies

We look into mirrors but we only see the

effects of our times on us not our effects on others!

My mirror image always had to be interpreted!

And for that I sought my reflection in someone else eyes!

It Is not weird to look at yourself in the mirror at the gym 

that is why they are there!

You have to make sure that you are doing things right!

When we gaze into the eyes of our beloved;

were staring into the eyes of a sacred mirror;

and we recognize our oneness!

You cant buy enlightenment;

but you can hire a mirror so you can watch it happen!

It is our very search; our lust for the miraculous and magical;

that hides from us the truth that simply to be;

simply to know I am; is already the miracle that we seek!

Everything; as it is; is perfect;

but you must stop seeing it as if in a mirror; as if in a dream!

You decide how to show up; and you had better come correct the way you look;

what you say; how you act and react! No excuses!

Get in front of the mirror and own what you see!

You may have to drag your fabulous-ness out of hiding; but It Is there!

In one sense; the stories I read betrayed me! T

oo few gave me back my mirror image!

Fewer still spoke to; or acknowledged; the existence of the problems

I faced as a black foster child from a dysfunctional and badly broken home!

I developed slight body dysmorphia when I would break out;

I could not look at myself in the mirror for a couple of months at a time!

I remember doing my makeup before school in the dark;

which is an awful idea; but It Is because I did not want to see myself in that bright light!

Were going to be treated very poorly;

I think that goes with the territory; and you have to get over it;

get beyond it and know who you are among your peers and

especially among your family when you look in the mirror!

If you are working out in front of a mirror and watching your muscles grow;

your ego has reached a point where it is now eating It itself!

That is why I believe there should be a psychiatrist at every health club;

so that when they see you doing this; they will take you away for a little chat!

He reproduced himself with so much humble objectivity;

with the unquestioning; matter of fact interest of a dog

who sees himself in a mirror and thinks there is another dog!

The people we are in relationships with are always a mirror;

reflecting our own beliefs; and simultaneously

we are mirrors; reflecting their beliefs!

Literature is my calling To hold up the

mirror to my countrymen comes natural to me;

and in the open field of invention

I am not without hopes of giving them pleasure!

New York is a field of tireless and antagonistic interests

undoubtedly fascinating but horribly unreal!

Everybody is looking at everybody

else a foolish crowd walking on mirrors!

Art is not just about whats great or expensive or scandalous or famous!

It Is a mirror we hold up that looks different to everyone who sees it;

and whose beauty lies as much in us; and our capacity to dream!

I love driving; but sometimes; I am not too good at it

because I spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror

if I know I am being followed! You do not respond like; Oh; there is paparazzi!

It Is more like; There is a man; and he is going to attack me!

That is how your body responds!

Unfortunately; this is so obviously a

convention of bad fiction that it might as well read;

Looking in the mirror; Joe saw a tall;

brown-haired man; trapped in a poorly written novel!

I was stuck in traffic and I looked in the mirror and

in the car behind me there was a couple having a horrible argument

and right below their image it said Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear!

I just thought; man I hope so because she was pretty mad!

When you start comparing yourself to another mans mirror;

that is when those negative thoughts start creeping in!

My journey is not anybody else journey!

Age is a peculiar kind of thief!

It slips up on you and steps inside your skin

and is so quiet and methodical in It is work that you

never realize it has stolen your youth until you look

into the mirror one morning and see a man you do not recognize!

Woman in the mirror quotes

It Is like your my mirror;

my mirror staring back at me!

Happiness is a sunbeam which may pass through a 1000 bosoms

without losing a particle of It is original ray; nay;

when it strikes on a kindred heart; like the converged light on a mirror;

it reflects It itself with redoubled brightness! It is not perfected till it is shared!

Your self-esteem wont come from body parts!

You need to step away from the mirror every once in a while;

and look for another reflection; like the one in the

eyes of the people who love you and admire you!

I think that the point of being an architect

is to help raise the experience of everyday living; even a little!

Putting a window where people would really like one!

Making sure a shaving mirror in a hotel bathroom is at the right angle!

Making bureaucratic buildings that are somehow cheerful!

The young people I know judge leaders by their deeds and abhor hypocrisy!

Inconsistency and point-scoring do not win respect!

It Is not easy to be engaged in political debate

when it is reduced to performers trying to outdo each other!

Actions from leaders must mirror the values they claim to espouse!

When I look in the mirror; I see someone who is happy with how he looks;

because I was never one of the handsome Hollywood people!

And I have had success as Ive gotten older;

because I am able to play characters!

I no longer get the girl; but I get the part!

The purer the artists mirror is; the more true reality reflects in it!

Overseeing the historical culture of art;

we must conclude that the mirror only slowly is purified!

Time producing this purifying shows a gradual;

more constant and objective image of reality!

I mean one of the things about being alone is

that you have no people to define yourself off;

I mean; people are like all-round mirrors; because lets face it;

we do not often see ourselves all round in a mirror anyway; do we!

We have; of course; long since ceased to think of Nature

as the sympathetic mirror of our moods;

or to imagine that she has any concern

with the temporal affairs of man!

A healthy social life is found only;

when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds

It is reflection; and when in the whole community

the virtue of each one is living!

Poetry; it is often said and loudly so; is life is true mirror!

But a monkey looking into a work of literature looks in vain for Socrates!

Women love a mirror in which a man

beholds himself glorified; magnified and deified!

Knowing the man responsible for your success

is in the mirror is a high that you can never buy!

I see you man in the mirror!

I see you and raise you! I will be better today

than you were yesterday;

and tomorrow you will be better than I was today!

The mirror of life shows you woman or man;
But in the heart of the Soul you are neither!
This is why Love is blind!

My mirror image always had to be interpreted!

And for that I sought my reflection in someone else eyes!

The only excuse a man has for writing is that he express himself;

that he reveal to others the kind of world reflected in the mirror of his soul;

his only excuse is that he be original!

Suddenly he caught his reflection in the mirror behind her!

His face was twisted into a dark scowl; and he was standing there naked;

with a boner; and another mans business card in his hand! He looked like a dick!

If you cant recognize the man in the mirror;

it is time to step back and see when you stopped being yourself!

She was pretty sure Seth had practiced all his

facial expressions and gestures in front of a mirror;

and worked out which ones made him look like

a cross between an Aber crombie model and a kitten!

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