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Im Done Trying Quotes

Im Done Trying Quotes

Im tired of trying to get other people

to see into my brain! Im done!

I believe that you see something

that you want to get done;

you cannot give up; and you cannot give in!

Once you give up;

you know youre done!

Maybe in my 20s

I was a little more lively!

But Im done with that!

Im not done with love;

but I refuse to settle!

When a thing is done; its done!

Do not look back!

Look forward to your next objective!

I fear all we have done is to

awaken a sleeping giant and

fill him with a terrible resolve!

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement!

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence!

Never regret anything you have

done with a sincere affection;

nothing is lost that is born of the heart!

Every day; my daddy told me the same thing!

Once a task is just begun; never leave it till its done!

Be the labour great or small; do it well or not at all!

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently

that which should not be done at all!

Im Done With Everything Quotes

Im Done With Everything Quotes

I look back on my life like a good day`s work

it was done and i am satisfied with it!

Im so tired I never want to wake up again!

But I have figured out now that it was never them

that made me feel that way! It was just me; all along!

The day I made that statement;

about inventing the internet;

I was tired because I had been up

all night inventing the Camcorder!

If you end your day feeling

like you got nothing done;

its because you werent working:

you were busy; not productive!

Sometimes the only way you can feel good

about yourself is by making someone else look bad!

And Im tired of making other people

feel good about themselves!

The fact of the matter is;

you Do not give up whats natural!

Anything Ive fantasized about; Ive done!

I have learned over the years

that when ones mind is made up;

this diminishes fear; knowing

what must be done does away with fear!

I believe that working with good people matters

because then the work environment is good!

If there is a sense of respect and belief among the people

you work with; that is when good work is done!

There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men!

There is no greater contribution than to help the weak!

There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well!

You must take the first step!

The first steps will take some effort;

maybe pain! But after that;

everything that has to be done is real-life movement!

Winning is fun!!! Sure! But winning is not the point!

Wanting to win is the point! Not giving up is the point!

Never letting up is the point!

Never being satisfied with what youve done is the point!

Fuck It Im Done Quotes

Fuck It Im Done Quotes

I don`t want to say anything derogatory im done!

Lets just point out the obvious;

how I am not fitting in so well

in your life that I have to let go!

Trying to get you to come with me has always been

a hard task but now I will no longer do it!

Im done trying to get people to like me

when they all talk behind my back at the end of it!

Winning doesnt always mean being first!

Winning means youre doing better than

you have ever done before!

Boldness is sexy;

especially when its done with a wink!

Theres a reason good fabrics have a cost!

Theyre done with good quality to last!

Freedom is what you do

with whats been done to you!

Having a positive mental attitude is asking

how something can be done

rather than saying it cannot be done!

Im letting go now for Ive realized that the

only one I can ever control is me and no one else!

I shall no longer seek other peoples approval

from now on only my opinion will matter to me!

When Im Done Im Done Quotes

When Im Done Im Done Quotes

I don`t want to say anything derogatory im done!

Im done with men Im going to be alone!

I have no luck with relationships!

I Do not think Im made for marriage!

Im one of those people where; if I go back and look at it;

Im going to feel like; I wish I would have…

I need to just leave it on the floor! Whats done is done!

If you believe in something and have the strength

not to give up; it can happen!

I am the living proof it can be done!

I think Im decisive; and I like to get things done quickly!

So if that comes across as intimidation; Im sorry to hear it!

But its more in the interest of getting things done!

Once upon a time; I could sing for three hours!

Now; when you see me say Im done;

Im done; aint nothing left till the next night!

Few things as painful as living

with the reality of not knowing

if they ever really loved you;

after its all been done and dusted!

You know my name; not my story!

Youve heard what I have done;

but not what Ive been through!

Sometimes it is not about

whether or not it is your job!

Sometimes it is about

whether or not it needs to be done!

Whats done is done! Whether to you;

or by you; and you cannot change it!

But whats not done is not done!
And there; both hope and hazard lie!

You only appreciate how difficult it is

to raise a child once you have done it!

Im Done Chasing You Quotes

Im Done Chasing You Quotes

Im done worrying about things that Do not matter!

Even when I gave it my all you ignored me

and left me alone so Im done

with you I really am!

To all the people who were just

using me for something else;

I am finished with all of you!

Im done giving up something

for someone else when all they do

is keep on ignoring me; girl!

I do not want to listen to

anymore explanation because I think

I have given enough chances!

No longer am I broken because

I am not the person you thought

I was before; that I am not!

Heres how man thinks: If no ones done it;

why should I try Its a waste of time;

but if hes done it; I can do it better!

Its all well and good to look back after the fact

and see what we should have done;

but we rarely know what path is

best when we take that first step!

Playing nice has brought me nothing

but misery so I am going to stop

doing that; I will stop!

Being is nice is something that

I no longer plan to do because

it makes me more vulnerable!

I am just too tired of being the one to pursue;

to be the one who finds a way to communicate!

Im Done With You Quotes

Im Done With You Quotes

I am done with the past;

the future has plenty of room for change!

If you walk away; Do not walk away with something still left in the tank!

Then youre wondering like; Man; what could I have done

When Im done playing; I want to leave it all out on the field!

When Im retired someday;

when Im done playing football;

That is when Ill be relaxing and look back at some things!

By the time Im done with a project;

its taken so long that I usually

Do not even like it anymore!

I only see the things I wish Id done differently!

Im naturally a nice person!

Im not trying to have any problems with people!

Im done with the drama and trouble!

I want a stress-free life!

Me; my heart and my soul will always be a fighter!

Im not comfortable with saying Im done!

I quit I give up That is the way I am;

and That is the way I always will be!

How do I tell people that

I no longer want to be the mopey person

that they all thought I am!

Im done trying to forget things

that are just impossible to forget

like my love for you my dear!

There are tasks that takes a whole team to finish;

and maybe this is one of those things; really!

It may seem impossible to you right now

but once I am finished with it;

you will see it isnt!

I do not thing anything can be

accomplished at all if there is no hope

in your heart; honestly!

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