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[135+ Latest] Im Done quotes | Im Done with Life Quotes

Sometimes we are in such a relationship in which we are exhausted mentally. We try to bring everything on track but the another person always hurt our feelings or doesnt care about us. The only solution is to move on from that person so that you wont get hurt further in life due to that same person.

For you we have also brought Im Done quotes. So Today We Have Brought the Best Collection Of Im Done with Life Quotes. This Collection Contains Various Types Of Quotes Like Im Done Trying Quotes, Im Done With Everything Quotes, Fuck It Im Done Quotes, When Im Done Im Done Quotes, Im Done Chasing You Quotes, Im Done With You Quotes Etc. Also. Share These With Your Friends.

Im Done quotes

Im Done quotes

Emotionally Im done; mentally Im drained;

spiritually Im dead; physically I smile!

Im done chasing people; if they want to be in my life

they will be if not than That is their loss!

I usually give people more chances than

they deserve but once Im done; Im done!

You Do not listen when I talk;

maybe youll listen when I walk!

Over time you start noticing that

some people arent worth it anymore!

Whatever! I Do not care anymore! Im done!

Ignoring phone calls leads to

a simple life with more free time!

Ignoring emails works well also!

I do both when I am trying to get things done!

I try not to get caught up on how cool I am that way;

nothing ever gets done! Im always

thinking about what I havent done!

The world is moving so fast these days

that the man who says it cannot be done

is generally interrupted by someone doing it!

Regret and remorse is a dialectic issue

about what has been done;

about what should have been done and

about what should not have been done!

Me; my heart and my soul will always be a fighter!

Im not comfortable with saying; Im done! I quit! I give up!

That is the way I am; and That is the way I always will be!

From the day I was born to the day I die; I am a fighter!

Its all well and good to look back after the fact

and see what we should have done;

but we rarely know what path is

best when we take that first step

Remember; to get what youve never had;

you must do what youve never done!

But to get what you once had;

you must do what you once did!

Habitual excuses for inactivity indicate

s little or no interest in what one

ought to have done!

Rarely do you regret what you have

done nearly as much as what

you have failed to do!

Anything is do able; when you believe in a God

who is able to do what cannot be done;

according to a human mind!

Im Done with Life Quotes

Im Done with Life Quotes

People who have done you wrong;

will always think your posts are about them!

Your life will get better when you realize

its better to be alone than chase people

who Do not really care about you!

Sometimes its just done Just walk away and move on

No ugly words No formal goodbyes Just no more!

There comes a time when you have to

stop crossing oceans for people who

would not even jump puddles for you!

Sometimes just when I think I know people;

they disappoint me in ways

I never thought they could!

Sometimes you have to give up on people!

Not because you Do not care;

but because they Do not!

The best thing ever done is just to sit on

my computer and to watch there television;

I decide when to stop and when to start!

I decide what to be and what not to be!

But before you set out to make your mark;

you should ask yourself;

For whom will this be done?

Leaders learn more from blames than praises!

Praises make them know whats already done well;

blames show them whats yet to be done well!

Fame and glory belong to those

who are the first to achieve things;

not those who only think about it

or do it after its been done!

I give not to impress you but instead to motivate

and inspire the person i am giving to;

and if by chance you get impressed

then i think Ive made my point about giving!

Im Done quotes For Him

Im Done quotes For Him

Do not be afraid of losing someone

who doesnt feel lucky to have you!

Letting go means to come to the realization

that some people are a part of your history;

but not a part of your destiny!

I just wish you knew how much I liked you!

But now since you decided to leave im done trying!

im done with you because the last thing I want now is to be with you!

Its over! im done! No more trying! I just give up;

I finally see that you will never let our love be!

I will never get my second chance;

cause you always put someone in front of me!

im officially done trying! If you want me in your life;

you can come find me! Until then;

continue treating me like I Do not exist!

I am done with great things and big things; great institutions and big success;

and I am for those tiny invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual;

creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets!

The time I spend in the morning praying; sipping coffee; and coming up with my list is a ritual

I relish! I have done it for so long now that I subconsciously measure whether or not the things

Im doing match with what I should be doing; what I want to be doing; and the life I want to live!

I agree! I have a therapist now; one with whom Im actually honest;

and weve been over the events of my life again and again rehashing without judgment the things Ive done;

the things that have been done to me; and how I ultimately saved myself!

What Im resistant to is the Walk the Line biopic;

where you have this redemptive life done in two hours!

It just doesnt wash with me! Ive been there and things Do not work out that way!

Im truly blessed with great genes! Ive never done anything drastic in my life;

and I can proudly say I havent tried any of those crazy fad diets; either!

I believe in eating right and living healthy! Plus; I love going to the gym;

and I enjoy yoga because it streamlines your body!

The thing with giving up is you never know!

You never know whether you could have done the job!

And Im sick of not knowing about my life!

Im naturally a nice person!

Im not trying to have any problems with people!

Im done with the drama and trouble! I want a stress-free life!

Im 23; so Im not done with my life!

But acting; definitely; out of what Ive done so far;

makes me feel the most alive and is very invigorating and thrilling!

So I figured I might as well try it for a while!

Because; I Do not trust a word out of your mouth!

You screw with my head and my heart! Im done!

Im done letting you into my life to trample on my emotions!

I think Im always so much more happy

with books and movies and stuff!

I think I get more excited about well done

representations of life than life itself!

If all Im remembered for is being a good basketball player;

then Ive done a bad job with the rest of my life!

Latest Im Done with Life Quotes

Latest Im Done with Life Quotes

It always seems impossible until it`s done!

Should you realize that you

still want me to be with you;

find me because I am so done with it!

To the people who try their best to bash me;

watch me ignore you with the biggest smile!

I am sick of trying to fit in the mold

that you have made for me;

I am going to break out soon!

No matter how I try for you;

you just ignore my efforts

so might as well watch as I leave you!

Im done trying to pretend to be someone

that I am not just to please everyone around me!

Leadership is the art of getting someone else

to do something you want done

because he wants to do it!

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;

what we have done for others and

the world remains and is immortal!

The reward for work well done

is the opportunity to do more!

Be miserable! Or motivate yourself!

Whatever has to be done; its always your choice!

If you want something said; ask a man;

if you want something done; ask a woman!

Im Done Quotes Images

Im Done Quotes Images

Every time I say im done I find myself trying again!

Even if you hear a bad story about me; understand;

there was a time I was good to those peopletoo;

but they wont tell you that part!

Isnt it pathetic how we waste so much time

on certain people and in the end they

prove that they werent even worth a second of it!

I am done with temporary people!

Stay only if you mean it!

Do not make promises you cannot keep!

From this point on;

Im going to treat people exactly

how they treat me! Some should be glad;

some should be scared!

If an injury has to be done to a man

it should be so severe that

his vengeance need not be feared!

It is a far; far better thing that I do;

than I have ever done; it is a far;

far better rest that I go to; than I have ever known!

Great things in business are never done by one person!

They are done by a team of people!

A leader is best when people barely know he exists;

when his work is done; his aim fulfilled;

they will say we did it ourselves

Ive always done whatever I want

and always been exactly who I am!

Sometimes I regret being nice;

apologizing when I did not do anything wrong;

and for making unworthy people a priority in my life!

Im Done with Life Quotes Images

Im Done with Life Quotes Images

im done with those;

regrets are an excuse

for people who have failed!

I was not the person I am back then no longer

am I pliable; I can now make my own decisions!

What I believe in is that I meant for greater things

but even that has been taken away from me!

Im done with you; if you really want me

to stay in your life do something to make me stay!

I am not perfect so

I just want to pause for a moment;

rest and stop thinking that I should be!

Stop wasting your time on trying to make people

who have their mind set to change their mind!

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesnt matter to me!

Going to bed at night saying we have done something wonderful;

That is what matters to me!

You can always tell a real friend:

when you have made a fool of yourself

he does not feel you have done a permanent job

You cannot define a person on just one thing!

You cannot just forget all these wonderful and good things

that a person has done because one thing

did not come off the way you thought it should come off!

When alls said and done; all roads lead to the same end!

So its not so much which road you take; as how you take it!

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile;

and show you someone who has overcome adversity!


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