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145+ Top Inspirational Battle Quotes | Battle Sayings

Battle is a part of Every ones life. A person who wants to achieve big in his life has to fight those battles. So Today We Have Brought the Best Collection Of Battle Quotes and Battle Sayings. These quotes will motivate you to make progress in your life.

This Collection also Contains Various Types Of Quotes Like Battle Between Heart And Mind Quotes, Viking Quotes About Battle, Famous Battle Quotes, Inspirational Battle Quotes, The Last Battle Quotes And Life Battle Quotes Etc. Also, Share These With Your Friends and Motivate them too.

Battle Quotes

Battle Quotes

Where the battle rages;

there the loyalty of the soldier is proved!

You win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing;

and using a timing which the enemy does not expect!

I Am fed up to the ears with old men

dreaming up wars for young men to die in!

A battle won is a battle

which we will not acknowledge to be lost!

Warriors of light are not perfect!

Their beauty lies in accepting this fact

and still desiring to grow and to learn!

This is the strange way of the world;

that people who simply want to love are

instead forced to become warriors!

The big difference between a warrior

and a victim is that the victim represses

and the warrior refrains!

Fear Does not go away! The warrior and the artist

live by the same code of necessity;

which dictates that the battle must be fought anew every day!

It is natural to feel fear!

All great warriors are afraid!

Only the stupid and the delusional are not!

Know thy self; know thy enemy!

A thousand battles; a thousand victories!

The battle is lost or won

in the secret places of the will before God;

never first in the external world!

Battle Sayings

Battle Sayings

You may have to fight a battle

more than once to win it!

A leader who Does not hesitate

before he sends his nation into

battle is not fit to be a leader!

There is a just God who presides over

the destinies of nations; and

who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us!

In preparing for battle

I have always found that plans are useless;

but planning is indispensable!

Strong people alone know

how to organize their suffering

so as to bear only the most necessary pain!

Resilience is very different than being numb!

Resilience means you experience; you feel;

you fail; you hurt! You fall! But; you keep going!

No matter how much falls on us;

we keep plowing ahead!

Thats the only way to keep the roads clear!

It is your reaction to adversity;

not adversity itself that determines

how your lifes story will develop!

Although the world is full of suffering;

it is also full of the overcoming of it!

In a battle all you need to make you fight

is a little hot blood and the knowledge

that It is more dangerous to lose than to win!

The fundamental principle is that no battle;

combat; or skirmish is to be fought unless it will be won!

Battle Between Heart And Mind Quotes

Battle Between Heart And Mind Quotes

No battle plan survives

contact with the enemy!

Unless one lives and loves in the trenches;

it is difficult to remember that the war

against dehumanization is ceaseless!

Always keep your foes confused!

If they are never certain who you are or what you want;

they cannot know what you are like to do next!

You know how hard it is to feel like an

extreme falcon headed combat machine

when somebody calls you chicken man!

The harder you fall; the heavier your heart;

the heavier your heart;

the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb;

the higher your pedestal!

Ones dignity may be assaulted; vandalized

and cruelly mocked; but it can never be

taken away unless it is surrendered!

We are all faced with a series of

great opportunities brilliantly

disguised as impossible situations!

Life is very interesting! In the end

some of your greatest pains

become your greatest strengths!

I hope you never fear

those mountains in the distance;
Never settle for the path of least resistance!

Everyone has their own ways of expression!

I believe we all have a lot to say;

but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle!

Having nothing to struggle
against they have nothing to struggle for!

Viking Quotes About Battle

Viking Quotes About Battle

If your enemy offers you

two targets strike at a third!

The battle sir; is not to the strong alone;

it is to the vigilant; the active; the brave!

Carry the battle to them!

Do not let them bring it to you!

Put them on the defensive and

Do not ever apologize for anything!

Strategy without tactics

is the slowest route to victory!

Tactics without strategy

is the noise before defeat!

Never bend your head!

Always hold it high!

Look the world right in the eye!

The world is the great gymnasium

where we come to make ourselves strong!

Sometimes you Do not realize

your own strength until you come face to face

with your greatest weakness!

Be strong & face the life!

Because sometimes Life keeping nothing

but only one option Be strong anyway!

Failure will never overtake me

if my determination to succeed is strong enough!

Energy may be likened

to the bending of a crossbow; decision;

to the releasing of the trigger!

Making no mistakes is what establishes

the certainty of victory; for it means

conquering an enemy that is already defeated!

What the ancients called a clever fighter

is one who not only wins;

but excels in winning with ease!

The skillful soldier does not raise a second levy;

neither are his supplywagons loaded more than twice!

It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted

with the evils of war that can thoroughly

understand the profitable way of carrying it on

No battle was ever won according to plan;

but no battle was ever won without one!

It Does not take a hero to order men into battle!

It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle!

Famous Battle Quotes

Famous Battle Quotes

Every man should lose a battle in his youth;

so he does not lose a war when he is old!

Masculinity is not something given to you;

but something you gain!

And you gain it by winning small battles with honor!

It is essential to understand

that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men!

When I go in there;

I Am not going in there to win!

I Am going in there to fight!

I have been going to the gym instead of the bar;

trying to get back down to my fighting weight!

Fighting wars is not so much about

killing people as it is about finding things out!

The more you know; the more likely you are to win a battle!

Freedom is not worth fighting for

if it means no more than license for everyone

to get as much as he can for himself!

Never pick a fight with an ugly person;

They Have got nothing to lose!

No ruler should put troops into the

field merely to gratify his own spleen;

no general should fight a battle simply out of pique!

Do not repeat the tactics

which have gained you one victory;

but let your methods be regulated

by the infinite variety of circumstances!

Whoever is first in the field and

awaits the coming of the enemy;

will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field

and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted!

The general who is skilled in defence

hides in the most secret recesses of the earth;

he who is skilled in attack flashes forth

from the topmost heights of heaven!

The general who wins a battle makes

many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought!

The general who loses a battle

makes but few calculations beforehand!

Nothing except a battle lost can be half

so melancholy as a battle won!

The expert in battle seeks his victory

from strategic advantage and does not

demand it from his men!

The purpose of battle is to attain the

greatest heights within your own limits!

Inspirational Battle Quotes

Inspirational Battle Quotes

Finishing races is important;

but racing is more important!

It is not big armies that win battles;

it is the good ones!

Never in the field of human conflict

was so much owed by so many to so few!

Where there is only a choice

between cowardice and violence;

I would advise violence!

The world is a fine place

and worth the fighting for and

I hate very much to leave it!

The skillful leader subdues the

enemy’s troops without any fighting!

All the war-propaganda;

all the screaming and lies and hatred;

comes invariably from people who are not fighting!

It is always easier to fight for

one’s principles than to live up to them!

Walk in the path defined by rule;

and accommodate yourself to the enemy

until you can fight a decisive battle!

Forestall your opponent by

seizing what he holds dear;

and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground!

In making tactical dispositions;

the highest pitch you can attain

is to conceal them!

You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks

if you only attack places which are undefended!

Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist

only seeks battle after the victory has been won;

whereas he who is destined to defeat

first fights and afterwards looks for victory!

It is a never ending battle of

making your cars better and

also trying to be better yourself!

A woman watches her body uneasily;

as though it were an unreliable ally in the battle for love!

Americans love to fight; traditionally!

All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle!


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